AVPRIDE | The Association of Village Pride

Our Programs

programsAVPRIDE is a youth leadership development organization that serves Fayette County students and their families in a variety of ways, while addressing issues of academic achievement, career preparedness and healthy behavior choices. We are intentional about providing community service opportunities and insight into post-secondary options, internships, scholarships, summer programs and jobs. AVPRIDE has two scholarship funds that provide financial resources to high school seniors in Fayette County.

AVPRIDE programs are designed to meet the needs of elementary, middle and high school students respectively. Our Concord Village Afterschool program provides academic tutoring, mentorship, community service and enrichment experiences, as well as technical resources for the resident students and families.

Our Career Exploration Program (CEP) connects students with our local business community to offer exposure and an opportunity to gain personal experience in a career field of their choice.

The AVPRIDE Leaders in Training (LIT) program curriculum specifically addresses the need to create a population of change-agents among our youth. As AVPRIDE has received prevention block grant funds to reduce underage drinking in Fayette County, we have challenged our students to be leaders in this initiative. LIT provides students with tangible skills, experience and information to do more than just take part in affecting change in our county; it’s designed to empower them to lead!

FYLP (Fayette Youth Leaders PRIDE) represents Fayette County’s most innovative, influential, and ambitious student leaders. These youth have demonstrated their passion for problem solving, setting positive examples for their peers, or creating opportunities for others to succeed. It is AVPRIDE’s pleasure to give back to these young leaders by providing a relaxed atmosphere where they can learn from each other and by connecting them with community leaders who are committed to enhancing their skillsets.