About AVPride

Association of Village PRIDE, Inc. (AVPRIDE) is a Youth Leadership Development organization that offers tutoring, mentoring and youth development programs that work with elementary, middle, and high school students and their families to address the attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and circumstances that put them at risk for engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

AVPRIDE received prevention block grant funds to contract with the State of Georgia to reduce underage drinking in Fayette County. It is using these funds to provide youth development training to address the social norms that support underage drinking.

With funding from SAMHSA’s Service to Science Subcontract to Build Evaluation Capacity of Evidence-based interventions, AVPRIDE will administer a pretest/posttest comparison group study to determine the effectiveness of its youth development training.

In this design, students who participate in AVPRIDE youth development training (intervention condition) will be compared to students who do not participate in such training (comparison condition). Before and after training, students in both conditions will complete two instruments: the Search Institute’s Developmental Asset Profile and the Georgia Youth Health Survey II. The latter instrument assesses the prevalence and age of initiation of various health risk behaviors such as tobacco use, physical activity, eating habits, alcohol and drug use, and behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence.

AVPRIDE is interested in finding out if the students participating in the leadership training report significantly lower incidence rates of risky behavior on average than (1) other youth in the county, and (2) youth in the comparison group. The organization would also like to see if the developmental assets of the students participating in the training increase after participation.

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AVPRIDE comprises of programs such as Leaders In Training, Career Exploration, Youth Leaders, Rites of Passage, a community site based Afterschool Enrichment and Family Learning and Resource Center.
The essential elements of these programs are designed to reduce risk factors by building resilience in the youth they serve by enhancing protective factors that focus on internal and external developmental assets.

As an organization, AVPRIDE believes that youth are:

A major asset to the community, to be valued and engaged in community processes.

Innovative and Able to Lead and Create Change

Capable of making positive and lasting contributions now to improve the health of the community.

Further, AVPRIDE believes that adults have a responsibility and moral obligation to engage youth in meaningful opportunities to learn, deliberate, create, and serve.