Taylor Noelle Conigland Memorial Scholarship

About Taylor Noelle Conigland


Through a generous family donation, AVPRIDE is honored to bring back the Taylor Noelle Conigland Memorial Scholarship. 


Taylor was the youngest and most feisty member of her family. As an athlete, she excelled in the dance team and soccer. She loved reading and poetry and played the flute. She traveled with the Fayette County High School marching band for the London Day Parade and was an enthusiastic band mascot. She was a valued member of AVPRIDE’s Fayette Youth Leaders PRIDE (FYLP, now SAYA) program. 


Join us in celebrating the life and legacy of Taylor Noelle Conigland by applying for this prestigious scholarship.  Together, let us honor her memory and inspire future generations to embrace creativity, service, fearlessness, and resilience in all that they do.

Scholarship Focus: Positive Life Skills & Fine Arts


Following Taylor’s lead, we are seeking Fayette County high school seniors who showcase creativity both in their academic pursuits and in the fine arts such as visual arts, dance, music, spoken word, and theater. The ideal candidate for the Taylor Noelle Conigland Memorial Scholarship will exhibit the following qualities: 


  • Resilience (Overcome Adversity)
  • Fearlessness (Shows Persistence)
  • Servant (Helps in the Community)
  • Creativity (Academics or Fine Arts – Taylor was a Poet & Performer)


In your application, we encourage you to reflect on how you embody these qualities and how the scholarship would support your academic aspirations. Whether through a heartfelt essay, a captivating poem, or a compelling performance video, let your voice and your story shine. Your artistry could earn you $500 to support your academic journey!

How to Apply:


Fill out the application form.


Please email us one letter of recommendation, to info@avpride.com. It may be from a member of the community or a staff member from the school you attend. Please have it submitted by April 30, 2024. We also ask for the name and phone number of someone we can call who can speak well of you for this scholarship, and your relationship to them. They may be someone from your school and/or someone from the community.


We are requiring that the winner must be present at the End of the Year Ceremony May 15th to receive the reward.


Please direct any questions to ChrischeleMadison@avpride.com.