South Atlanta Youth Alliance (SAYA)

South Atlanta Youth Alliance represents Fayette County’s most innovative, influential, and ambitious student leaders.

SAYA youth have a passion for problem solving, setting positive examples for their peers, and creating opportunities for others to succeed. It is AVPRIDE’s pleasure to give these young leaders a relaxed environment in which they can learn from each other. Connecting them to community leaders who are committed to enhancing their skill sets and providing service opportunities allows for further skills development.


APPLY NOW. Applications are accepted on a revolving basis!

What Can I Look Forward To?

  • Getting to know the community while working with community leaders
  • Influencing public policies
  • Creating and engaging in community service projects for local businesses and nonprofits
  • Events with community leaders
  • Engaging classmates in community opportunities, mentorships, and career exploration
  • Monthly skill-building workshops

Which Skills Am I Building?

  • Public Speaking
  • Ethics & Morality
  • Business Etiquette & Soft Skills
  • Networking
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Team Building
  • Group Facilitation
  • Event Planning
  • Project Management

Be a part of the SAYA team that is changing the paradigm of youth engagement in Fayette County and beyond!

Members work with community leaders to offer youth perspective on Fayette County’s future direction.

Leadership & Civic Engagement opportunities

  • Contributed to City Comprehensive Plan
  • Joined School Board and Town Hall meetings
  • Helped conduct Political Candidate Forum
  • Contributed to discussions on teen technology use and substance abuse prevention strategies
  • Participated in Georgia Mayors’ Day Conference
  • Attended Georgia Teen Institute Leadership Conference



Rising 9th – 12th graders who demonstrate a desire for development in leadership, professionalism, and community engagement are perfect candidates for the SAYA program.


These youth have opportunities to build personal and professional skills and relationships, explore careers with professionals in the requested fields, and develop meaningful relationships with peers. SAYA has been described by a former participant as “a safe place to grow.”

Here is a little about who we are from a participant:

“SAYA is a program for young adults who exhibit the traits of someone who could contribute greatly to society one day. We have regularly scheduled workshops where we build personal and professional skills. We get the opportunity to explore different careers with professionals in those fields. There are also lots of volunteer opportunities and even scholarships offered to program participants. As a part of SAYA, you will have a safe space to grow alongside your peers while getting exposed to people and opportunities that you would not come across otherwise.” -Caleb Adams

AVPRIDE, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers academic support, mentoring and youth leadership development programs.

As an organization, AVPRIDE believes that youth are:

  • A major community asset to be valued and engaged in community processes;
  • Innovative and able to lead and create change; and
  • Capable of making positive and lasting contributions to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.
  • Further, AVPRIDE believes that the community has a responsibility and moral obligation to engage youth in meaningful opportunities to learn, deliberate, create, and serve.