AVPRIDE History and Mission


In the fall of 1996, a group of Fayette County citizens from a variety of backgrounds came together to discuss what could be done as parents and community members to help our children prepare themselves to be successful in the global economy. Questions that immediately came up were: What skills and attributes do our children need to possess to be competitive in the 21st century? How can we provide the kind of support through both formal education and social development to help our children successfully negotiate their environments and become productive, contributing members of society?

After reviewing local data about the population of students from multicultural backgrounds, AVPRIDE knew it could not fully accomplish its mission without serious community collaboration.

AVPRIDE has reached out to the greater Fayette community to seek strategic partnerships to address some of the issues that were identified through the collection and analysis of local data and information. It is by continually exploring and establishing new partnerships that AVPRIDE seeks to expand its capacity to serve students and their families, while addressing issues of academic achievement, healthy behavior choices, and post-secondary opportunities.


“The mission of the Association of Village PRIDE, Inc. is to empower youth to make informed and healthy decisions that result in resiliency and success as conscious, productive, and contributing societal leaders.”

Here are several examples showing how our mission is implemented in Fayette County:

  • Provided community service hours to many organizations in the community including: Fayette Chamber of Commerce, The Clothes Less Traveled, The FACTOR Summer Camp Expo, Fayette Human Services Council, DFAC’s Holiday Helper Program, the Fayette Family YMCA, Riverdale Karate Center, Ballethnic Dance Company, and Honey Nails Skin and Body.
  • Since 1998, has served approximately 1000 youth and their families.
  • Since 2002, has provided 20 Audra Nicole Oliver Memorial Scholarships to graduating high school seniors from Fayette County Schools.