Youth Involvement

2012 – Youth Summit

  • Description and links to come!
  • Kick off Underage Drinking PSA’s created by AVPRIDE youth.

2013 – TV Series

The 8-minute trailer below gives you a flavor of the TV Series, which included six shows that were 30-minutes each, and were written, acted, directed, and filmed by AVPRIDE youth! The show’s themes included: Why Kids Drink, Access & Availability, Binge Drinking, Consequences, Social Hosting and Sexual Assault.

2014 – Blackout, Party at Your House (PYH), Whitewater High School HOSA’s dramatic videos

  • Description and links to come!
  • Blackout, success in attendance, with selected photos
  • PYH event, successes, roles youth played, selected photos
  • Whitewater HOSA videos and link

2015 – Town Hall with Judge Glenda Hatchett

  • Description and links to come!
  • Before the event: Judge Hatchett connection, script development, panel, marketing, logistics (link to Fayette News article about key role youth played)
  • After the event: Description of event, selected photos, video of skit if available, links to The Citizen and Fayette News recaps.

2015-2016 – Launch of the Fayette Youth Leaders PRIDE (FYLP) Program

The 40 youth in AVPRDE’S FYLP program contribute their talents, leadership and time to all of AVPRIDE’s Alcohol Prevention Project programs. See the video below for a brief introduction to this awesome program for our teen leaders.