Volunteer Opportunities

EVERY DAY during our Summer Enrichment Program and our Afterschool Enrichment Program (ASEP), parents, AVPRIDE Board and staff, partners and community members will have the opportunity to read to our elementary students (K-3).

We only need you once during the entire summer and academic year, and only for as long as it takes you to read a story.  Of course you are welcome to join us for as many times as you’d like.

Please go to our Get Involved page to complete and submit a volunteer form.  A member of our ASEP staff  will reach out to you to confirm your interest in becoming a Reader Leader.  Please be prepared with a few date options for when you can come and read a story to our young people.  You can bring your own book, or read one of ours.  If the notion strikes you, you can donate the book to the program.  You can keep it simple or follow your story with an activity, game or questions related to the story.  It’s entirely up to you.

We need Reader Leaders to help in this effort.  The time you take to read a story to the kids does more than just delight and enlighten them, it makes them feel special and boosts their confidence as well.