AVPRIDE has the following core beliefs:

• Our youth are a major asset to our community and should be valued and engaged in community processes.

Our youth are innovative and able to lead and create change if we are intentional about creating the conditions for them to do so.

Our youth are capable of making positive and lasting contributions now to improve the health of our community.

We have a responsibility and moral obligation to engage our youth in meaningful opportunities to learn, deliberate, create, and serve.

With the help of concerned adults and the mobilization of our youth, we have the ability to address the statewide goals of reducing the early onset of alcohol use among youth; reducing the access of youth under 21 to alcohol and reducing the excessive alcohol use and related consequences among youth and adults ages 9-25. In June 2011 a CADCA partnership affiliate in Oregon reported positive results from student led campaigns from two different high schools to reduce underage drinking and binge drinking through media advocacy, targeting social norms and youth leadership.

With this new focus of the state on alcohol prevention we have a unique opportunity to use best practices and our commitment to youth leadership, service and engagement and our interest in partnering with dynamic individuals and organizations to do all of the following:

  • Mobilize and train our youth to lead a positive movement of change
  • Utilize youth led media messages and media campaigns to engage in environmental change around alcohol abuse
  • Utilize Technology to maximize our reach into the community and as a way to communicate effectively
  • Develop a plan and activities that meet the strategic goals of the state prevention strategic framework