Community Health Educator

Community Health Educator

Description: This position reports to the AVPRIDE Operations
Manager and works closely with community partners to implement
community-level change strategies (environmental as well as group and
individual strategies), particularly to reduce and prevent prescription
drug use and misuse with a focus on substance abuse prevention.
Environmental strategies include policy change, public awareness
campaigns, new or modified programs, practices, and policies that affect
an entire community. It is supported primarily by federal grants and
community-based coalitions made up of volunteers. This position
oversees the coalition management and works closely with the rest of the
AVPRIDE team (development coordinator, communications coordinator,
youth programs coordinator, office manager).
Position: The focus for the summer and fall will be on communication
activities (traditional and social media), coalition maintenance and
planning as well as establishing a youth action team and completing a
research project for prescription drug and opioid resources. Training may
be required.

This position may require occasional overnight, out-of-town travel (10-
15%) and some weekend and evening work that varies. The coordinator
will be an integral part of the AVPRIDE team and is expected to support
other programs and participate in organizational fundraisers and
activities that include the FYLP Induction Ceremony, annual Beauty and
the Bags, and Hawaiian Run Thingy, and the Diamonds in the Rough but
is not limited to them.
Job Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
 Oversees and coordinates substance abuse prevention work
focusing on prescription drugs and opioids in Coweta and Fayette
County. Must accomplish the specific deliverables of each contract
or grant; review plans and ensures alignment with the
contract/grant deliverables and implementation plan.
 Participates in the management and maintenance of prevention
grant/contract budgets.
 Plans and implements evidence-based strategies to reduce the use
and misuse of opioids in the community as outlined in
 Provides a weekly tracking report of all activities.
 Works closely with Coweta County stakeholders including Police
Departments, school and government officials, medical
professionals, parents, community members, and others;
 Manages the Coweta Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Coalition
including recruiting members, holding monthly meetings, and
other necessary management;
 Organizes and leads monthly strategy team meetings 2 weeks prior
to the coalition meetings.
 Researches current county and city substance data
 Conducts a community readiness assessment to ascertain the type
of strategies to address the deliverables of the contract;
 Identifies approved strategies based on community readiness
assessment score;

 Develops campaign(s) and oversees the successful completion of
the campaign goals which are largely communication efforts that
cross a broad range of traditional, social, and new media and
various events and stakeholder meetings.
 Attends community events to distribute materials and share
community efforts pertaining to the contract;
 Gathers and tracks all prevention and campaign-related results,
developing analytical summaries to evaluate the progress and
success of our strategies.
 Shares results and monthly updates with key stakeholders in the
 Supervises volunteers and/or interns on short- and long-term
 Develops new collaborations with Coweta County government
officials and key community stakeholders to address the use and
misuse of opioids in the community;
 Attends City and County Council meetings, networking with key
stakeholders and agencies in Coweta to leverage AVPIDE’s
prevention initiatives to expand its community impact; obtains
proclamations and support for legislative days.
 Keeps track of all communications and accomplishments by
creating attachments of all activities each month including ECCO
reports and any other reports required by the state.
 Uploads monthly reports and activities to the shared google drive
for continuity
 Submits monthly, quarterly and annual reports, including any
special reports defined by contracts/grants;
 Attends the Georgia Teen Institute (GTI) with youth and takes an
active leadership role focusing on prevention and environmental
 Creates prevention social media content for multiple platforms
including blog writing and securing guest bloggers.
 Represents AVPRIDE on various committees and task forces;
 Attends community events and supports AVPRIDE’s community

 Uses project management software to track projects, tasks, and
completed objectives. Coordinates with outreach, communications,
data, youth coordinators, and other AVPRIDE team members.
 Responsible for welcoming all team members, making sure they are
aware of plans and activities, and contributing to a positive,
inclusive environment. This environment will ensure that the
AVPRIDE team supports the c-sap coalition and its future success.
Ongoing priority.
 Participates in and supports all fundraising efforts for AVPRIDE;
 Other duties as assigned.
Other AVPRIDE responsibilities include, but are not limited to supporting
the organization and its programs, as needed.
Skills and Qualifications:
This position requires the use of a computer, the internet, and cloud-
based software and apps, state-mandated online reporting sites, reliable
transportation, access to a cell phone, and the ability to lift up to 30
pounds. Also, AVPRIDE provides an opportunity for Employees to receive
a CDL licensure to drive organizational vehicles.
Criminal Background Check and E-Verify: This position will require a
criminal background check and E-Verify.


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