Alcohol Media Campaign Contest

Alcohol Media Campaign Contest

Contest for Student Organizations to Win $1000!

Student organizations are invited to develop the concept for an original creative 25-50 second Public Service Announcement to be recorded inside a professional studio to be played on local cable television. The message has to address the prevention of binge and underage drinking.

The final concept must include the following: The actual message script , the outline of who is doing what, materials needed , the methodology for conveying the message. The following are the limitations: All material must be original. No copyrighted music, lyrics or product brands. – Main segment of video production will be recorded in a studio; however, students will have the option of shooting “B-roll” (additional video or photos) from other locations for insertion into the final video. Quality of “B- roll” footage will determine whether it will be acceptable for TV broadcast.- Only one or two primary speakers on camera at the same time – closing group shot with tag line OK.


Will be based on the attached rubric which includes the following:
• Originality
• Impact on Audience
• Clarity of Message
• Creative Use of Media Techniques
• Use of knowledge from other Sources


All contestants are welcome to use the attached website sources but are encouraged to review other sources and youth led campaigns.


Three youth organizations will be chosen to have their campaign concept design produced for local TV and formatted for distribution via Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Smartphones, and other mobile devices.

All winners will receive $500 which goes directly to the youth organization. The other $500 will be given to the youth organization when they develop a plan and budget for how they can utilize the internet and social media and other methods to penetrate the market with the final produced Public Service Announcement (the plan should not include TV as a medium).The goal is to have the maximum number of students and parents view the finished public service announcement. Of the supplemental $500 up to $250 can be used for pre-production materials.

How to Participate

The student organization needs to complete the attach form and turn it in for judging by 6:00 pm on Monday December 17, 2012. The completed application should be emailed to


Download the Forms

Download individual documents (Microsoft Word format):

  • 2012-2013 Alcohol Awareness Campaign Rubric.docx: Download
  • Alcohol Campaign Design Work Grid 2.docx: Download
  • Alcohol Contest Announcement.docx: Download
  • Alcohol Media Campaign Contest Guidelines.docx: Download
  • Alcohol Resources rev.docx: Download
  • AVPRIDE Alcohol Campaign Winners Timeline.docx Download

Or download all of the documents in a single zip file (Microsoft Word format): Download package

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