Don’t Be the Problem, Be the Solution!

Don’t Be the Problem, Be the Solution!

AVPRIDE’s Youth Action Team (YAT) will address underage drinking and social hosting at the upcoming Fayetteville Fall Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, October 27th from noon to 6:00pm in the Fayetteville town square.

AVPRIDE students will be sharing information with visitors about one of the main ways youth access to alcohol is increased.

Social hosting is providing and/or serving alcohol to a young person who is under the minimum age of 21. Social hosting can take place in a party-like atmosphere or by an adult simply providing alcohol to teenagers and their peers for them to drink. It can even extend to parents and homeowners who are not on the premises and/or did not provide the alcohol.

Sixty-five percent of underage youth who drink reported obtaining alcohol from family and friends.

Research has indicated that one typical way underage youth procure alcohol is at parties where parents and other adults have left them unsupervised.

Alcohol is linked with an estimated 5,000 deaths in people under age 21 each year – more than all illegal drugs combined!

Expect a rewarding experience when you visit our booth at the Fayetteville Fall Festival. We will have games and fun, while we explore this very important topic.

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